The Talent is in The Network

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Social networks have become one of the main points of contact between the HR experts and people who are in the process of job search. The first title that addresses the changing rules of the game in the field of recruitment and job search in the 2.0 era. The author addresses the perspective of jobseekers shelling the key elements of a professional profile on the social networks and maintenance of personal branding. Preparation of recruitment plan aimed at experienced 2.0 search and selection of talent.With numerous success stories in addressing recruitment 2.0 leading companies like Accenture, Acciona, Oracle, Incra, L’Oreal and Vodafone among otras.Disponible 2nd edition in major libraries in Spain: Fnac, Book House, Corte English, etc.. And they can also shop online and was sent to his home through the web.

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