Talent 3.0


How companies can hire the best through the World Wide Web and social networks. Despite current economic uncertainties, many companies are still recruiting, but in doing so they are seeking the best they can find. In the digital age, finding the right kind of talent through the World Wide Web, and social networks in particular, is becoming increasingly important. For example, in the US, 93% of recruitment today has some form of Web 2.0 involvement. This book examines what the key success factors are behind hiring through social networks and other Web networks. Moreover, how can companies present themselves and attract the best candidates through the Web? Finally, for those people seeking a job, this book provides valuable insight into how companies recruit through the Web. The Web (especially social networks) is the latest hot space for job recruitment and searching. This book shows companies how they can attract and find the best talent. For job seekers, this book provides insights and advice on how to utilise Web 2.0. Includes detailed case studies of companies and their successful methods of hiring through Web 2.0. Amparo Diaz Llairo is the CEO of Global Human Capital Group with extensive experience in talent management. She is a “Top Ten Business Expert” in Spain and lectures globally on human resource topics.

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